Monday, July 5, 2010

Retro equipment brochures

We discovered the below brochures in the Warehouse the other day. They all appear to be for state of the art equipment for use in the Uni in the 1960s/1970s. The colours and images are lovely and must have been flash at the time. The logos and fonts are very stylised, simple, and tonal. Quite different to what we would see in brochures today for similar equipment.

Linhof is a German company, founded in Munich in 1887 by Valentin Linhof. The company is well known for making premium rollfilm and large format film cameras.

The first Technika model was designed in 1934 and was the world's first all-metal folding field camera.

Josef Rodenstock founded the company in 1877 with the first fine mechanical workshop in Würzburg, Germany. By 1891 he employeed 120 people. They produced eyeglasses, accessories, binoculars and pipes, microscopes, magnifying glasses and also numerous cameras and photo lenses. The company expanded over the years and be 1953 already had 2100 employees.

The Imagon has a variable softness lens. The brochure states
"Here, the possibility of varying the picture softness or sharpness not only permits perfect modelling of the characteristic features of the subject, but also eliminates time consuming and costly retouching of disturbing details such as pores, small wrinkles, facial hair etc. This feature will be particularly useful in colour photograhpy."


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